The Custom Masterpiece Process

STEP ONE: Initial Consultation

First is the initial meeting between you and our excellent and highly-trained staff discussing your ideas. Our team will collaborate with you to create what you have envisioned in your mind. You will get to witness our jeweler sketch out on paper your ideas so that you can see it brought to life. Finally, we will discuss any stones, settings, and metal choices to ensure the most beautiful custom piece is created just for you.

STEP TWO: 3-D Wax Carving

This process begins with a solid block of modeling wax, where the wax carver will study all 3 dimensions, (Front-Top-Side) to create a 3-D mental image. Your concept is then sculpted and carved into a 3 dimensional wax model to be viewed for approval.


The casting process is referred to as “Lost Wax." This process is where a metal sculpture can be duplicated from the original wax sculpture. Most importantly, through this method the wax model is destroyed or [lost], therefore creating only one unique piece of jewelry per model.  

STEP FOUR: Setting & Finishing

The raw casting is now honed to perfection. Each gemstone is meticulously secured into the new creation, in the fashion chosen by you. The final process is to polish the piece to a brilliant luster and apply any special finishes desired during the consultation.

STEP FIVE: Delivery

Delivery is the final stage of the custom masterpiece process. This is where we present your fabulous custom piece, finished to perfection for you! We love to see the excitement and happiness when you to wear and enjoy your unique piece of jewelry. We strive to provide you with the best service and delivery possible. The amazing team at Alan Miller Jewelers seeks to ensure you are absolutely happy with the process and your creation.